Books - Inspirations The Single Mum Bible & Wonder Woman In Disguise

Inspirations-The Single Mum Bible by Helen Joy and Tina Kathleen

Mums! Our Heroes!

Mums are everything all rolled into one! 
Mums are the carer, the giver, the cook, the cleaner, the nurturer, the taxi, the safety officer, the time keeper, the manager, the doctor, the counsellor, the nurse, the goal keeper, the educator, the everything, the centre of the household, you name it... Mum is the Word.

And yes, when life gets in a spin as it often does Mums do get a little or a lot, tired, ragged and unwell. 
Thank god for her gorgeous children because that is when they the children, Mums little heroes, step up and come to her rescue, to help Mum through the rough stuff. Mums little saviours when Mum is having a bad day...

And as much as Mum is always the Wonder Woman, getting everything done, her super powers sometimes run low. It is then that her little darlings often run to her rescue with sweet little offers of help and assistance or caring worried looks and offers to help. 

That's where this little book ...The Single Mum Bible... was born. A reminder for all Mums throughout its pages, part diary, part inspirational, to remind Mum of what really counts. The important stuff. To sit back, relax, breathe and smell the roses, count her blessings and be eternally grateful for the beautiful little people she has in her life and most of all, the power within herself and what makes her truly special. Soul Food.

If you would like your copy of Inspirations -The Single Mum Bible, you can purchase your soft cover copy arrive in 2 weeks time. For Mums alike world wide. Mums the Word. XOX

The Single Mum Bible is a fresh new look on dealing with life. It's about appreciating what really matters, not forgetting the most important thing of all. This is something all Mum's and children can relate to, what we forgot and what we need reminding of.

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